My EphCOI idea continues to go nowhere fast. Perhaps we might start off with an EphCOI about Williams C. David Kane ’58 reported a few months ago

Returning from North Carolina I found myself sitting next to a young lady on her way to her Junior Year in Seville, Spain. She turned out to be Lindsey Wu, Williams Class of 2007, daughter of Larry Wu, Williams Class of 1978. I told her of DHTK ’58, Brendon ’90, David ’88 and Ephblog. Turns out she also spent Freshman Year in Williams C.

Not too sure that she knew about Ephblog before our conversation, but I’m sure she’ll be checking it from an internet café in Seville next week. So it looks like we have another COI group for you to identify, namely, students studying abroad. Could be there’s another COI beyond that, namely Williams C alums and, come to think of it, I was returning from a North Carolina visit to T.B. Jones, another Williams C alum of 50 years ago.

As Frank Uible would say, it’s time for the surface to air missles!

Other famous alums of Williams C include Fay Vincent ’60, Professor Layla Ali ’90, Bredon Kane ’90 and your humble blogger. (Hmmm. I guess that some of these alums are more “famous” than others.) Not-so-famous alumni include EphBlog author Lowell D. Jacobson ’03.

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