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Eph Book?

We are still trying to figure out whether Portland author (and stripper) Viva Las Vegas is an Eph.


Enquiring minds want to know! Viva writes:

December is my favorite time of year. The sun sets early in the afternoon and festivals of lights illuminate the night. It’s cozy; people move at a slower pace and even seem to be more kind and generous. Finally, the year ends, prompting everyone (journalists especially) to reflect.

Today, as I write from my usual perch at Huber’s, I too am feeling generous and nostalgic. The last year has been quite a ride–bumpy as hell but with some definite peaks, heights at which I could glimpse bits of the future. And the future looks dreamy, darlings, but some of the bumps have been heartbreakers.

[M]y relationship with management cooled considerably every time I was named “Portland’s Hottest Stripper,” “Best Reason to Visit Sin City” or “Best Butt.” Still, the Magic was home–a place I championed over all others and a place where Portlanders knew they could find me, whether they came in six days a week or had been away for six years.

In the end I was fired for breaking up a fight. Two gentlemen–an inebriated punk rocker and an inebriated New Orleansian–were ready to do battle over who got the chair at my rack. I–half-nude, onstage–talked them down, using my best conflict resolution tactics to persuade them that no chair was worth fighting over.

Indeed. Viva apparently has a book in the works. If she really is an Eph, we would be eager to help publicize it. Does anyone know if she really attended Williams?

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#1 Comment By frank uible On January 3, 2006 @ 7:15 am

Out of the universe of questions about which one could be curious, undoubtedly this is the ONE! Have at it!