This New York Times article on merit aid does not mention Williams or even quote Morty Schapiro or Mike McPherson, EphBlog’s favorite experts on the topic. Even worse, it includes:

Squeezed on one side by state universities, whose tuition is a tiny fraction of what private colleges charge, and on the other by elite private institutions like Yale, Princeton or Amherst, private liberal arts colleges like Allegheny are routinely offering merit aid to students these days. Such scholarships are particularly pervasive in the Midwest, where many liberal arts colleges award them to as many as half or even three-quarters of their students.

Amherst!? Argggh! Some sweet day in the future, these sorts of lists will always feature Williams.

Those interested in the my standard rant on financial aid can look here, here and here. I wonder how many students Williams “lost” to places like Allegheny. Dick Nesbitt knows (more or less). The Record ought to ask him.

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