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Dear Citizen,

In July of this new year, Mexico will conduct an historic Presidential election– historic not in the least, because for the first time, nearly 12 million Mexicans living in the United States will be eligible to vote via absentee ballot.

This is a moment when the concerted actions of a dedicated few can change the course of history.

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 87% of these Mexican-Americans will vote if they have the chance, and that nearly half have the documents to register via mail for absentee ballots.

These applications must be mailed by January 15th.

But most of the Mexican Americans I have talked to do not know this.

How do you reach these voters?

How do you deliver this message– in 9 days– to the Mexican population in North America?

This is a moment where the concerted efforts of a few can change history. One way or another, the coming election will determine Mexico’s future relationship to the US– and thus the future of the United States and our world.

And this a time when amazing power of email and electronic communications can be re-proven.

Simply forward or re-post this message where appropriate. Or join us our other efforts, via the email below.

We need your help. American needs your help. Mexico needs your help.

Now is the time to change history. Now is the opportunity.

Nine days.

Kenneth Thomas, FrequencyTen Technologies
on behalf of the Instituto Federal Electoral (www.ife.org.mx)


— Forward this email. Repost it to other Craiglist’s sites or forums. Send it to appropriate websites, media, talk radio, spanish language radio, or other.
— Translate (or help us translate) this message into language and media appropriate to Spanish sites, and get it to those sites.
— Join us in making sure the Public Service Announcement below is brought to the attention of the 693 Spanish-language radio stations in the United States, and to telivision and print media. (Email votemexico@gmail.com for info).
— Print and distribute the form linked below to Mexican Americans who do not have easy web access. Help simplify the process of completing and this form.
— For the geeks among you, create and implement new and innovative strategies to get this message to the Mexican American population.
— Let us know about your efforts. This is about we, the IFE and others can better connect Mexican Americans to Mexican politics.


Press Release /

Mexico City, January 6th, 2006. Instituto Federal Electoral. —

For the first time in history, Mexicans living abroad can now vote in the Mexican Presidential Elections, via absentee ballot.

As of today, less than 11,000 ballot requests have been received. Many Mexican Americans do not know that they have the power to vote.

The coming Mexican Presidential Election will dramatically affect the future of Mexicans living in United States.

Mexican Americans can find voter registration materials and the web site http://www.mxvote06.org/, www.mxvote06.org .

You do have to give an address but that address is confidential, as is all other information pertaining to you.

The Internet contains information about the promises and proposals of many political parties. You can learn about the Presidential candidates at http://www.lopezobrador.org.mx, http://www.felipe-calderon.org, and http://www.mexicoconmadrazo.org.

Many Mexicans, although they live in the US, can participate to change the course of our history. We need their votes.


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