I diagree with a fair amount of Marc Lynch’s politics, but his humor is beyond reproach.

Michael Rubin’s review of George Packer’s Assassin’s Gate is a thing of such rare beauty that one hardly dares look at it directly for fear of spoiling it.

Shorter George Packer: the neo-conservatives told us magical stories of fairies and unicorns who would shower us with hugs and puppies, which we really wanted to believe but in retrospect probably shouldn’t have. Doh!

Shorter Michael Rubin: Packer dishonestly fails to tell us about the fairies and unicorns we found in Iraq, or how they showered us with hugs and puppies.

Coming soon – Rubin’s expose about how the State Department, egged on by Juan Cole and John Kerry, mercilessly murdered all the fairies and unicorns just before they could shower us with hugs and puppies.

Perhaps Ronald Reagan’s parable of manure and ponies applies to the missing unicorns in Iraq.

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