Co-op applications are due in 6 weeks. (See below the break for the latest e-mail on the topic.) One factor that led to the delay Anchor Housing last year was that time ran out on implementation. Since we still (!?!) don’t know if there will be 4 clusters or 5, can there be enough time to plan for this year?

Any news or updates from the CUL meeting tonight would be appreciated.

Co-op/Off-campus Lottery Applications Now Available

Attention Class of 2007 Current Juniors/Rising Seniors:

Applications for the Co-op/Off-campus lottery are now available in hard copy in the Office of Campus Life, located on the 1st floor of Hopkins Hall. We also hope to have these applications online in the near future at:

Deadlines for these completed applications is February 6, 2006, due in the Office of Campus Life / Residential Programs, Hopkins Hall 1st floor.

Questions? Send an email to, or stop in and see us in Hopkins!

Aaron B. Gordon
Assistant Director of Campus Life – Residential Programs

Gail A. Rondeau
Campus Life Assistant and GetARoom Coordinator

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