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Hill To Vassar

According to the New York Times, another Williams economist is going on to a college presidency.

Catharine B. Hill, an economics professor and provost at Williams College, is expected to be named today as president of Vassar College. She would take office on July 1, succeeding Frances D. Fergusson, who has been president since 1986. Dr. Hill, 51, who is known as Cappy, received her bachelor’s degree at Williams, studied at Oxford, and earned her doctorate at Yale, and has worked extensively in development economics and the economics of higher education. She became provost at Williams in 1999. Her previous posts include the World Bank, the Congressional Budget Office and the Ministry of Finance in Zambia.

Congratulations to Cappy! (Who was, just last night, taking the time to answer one of my annoying questions.) She will be missed.

No press release from Williams yet, but Jim Kolesar and Jo Proctor probably just don’t want to steal Vassar’s thunder. Cappy follows in the footsteps of Steve Lewis to Carleton, Mike McPherson to Macalaster and, of course, Morty Schapiro.

UPDATE: The College has a letter from Morty out now. Who should succeed her as Provost? EphBlog votes for David Zimmerman. (We also welcome informed speculation about who might be interested in the job.)