Although much of the College bureaucracy is nice and helpful about answering my questions, some of it is not so nice and not so helpful. Although I have had some success in gathering information about current trustees, the College still refuses to reveal their actual terms.

Fortunately that is not case for Alumni Trustees and Tyng Administrators. Here is the latest data.


Paul S. Grogan ’72 (retires 2006)
Delos M. Cosgrove, III ’62 (retires 2007)
Steven S. Rogers ’79 (retires 2008)
Michael E. Reed ’75 (retires 2009)
Cesar J. Alvarez ’84 (retires 2010)


Janet Lavin Rapelye ’81 (retires 2006)
Gregory H. Woods ’91 (retires 2007)
Anamaria A. Villamarin-Lupin ’95 (retires 2008)

And the candidates in this election are:

Trustee Candidates
David C. Bowen ’83
Wendy Webster Coakley ’85
Suzanne R. Biemiller ’87

Tyng Candidates
Jean Henderson Tibbetts ’75
Anne E. Youngling ’78
Elizabeth Shorb St. Clair ’80

EphBlog will attempt to ask these fine alums for their opinions on various questions, report the result and then, perhaps, provide an endorsement. It would be great if the Record covered this election, but I do not think it has in the past.

Again, my major complaint is that the College refuses to provide the names of the Nominating Committee. Whatever else may be said about these dedicated Ephs, you can be sure that the Alumni Society has reason to believe that none of them will rock the boat in any meaningful way. If you are looking for significant change at Williams, you won’t find it here.

But — Good News! — you can still vote for whomever you like.

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