Here is this year’s College release on early decision admissions.

Williams College mailed its traditional notification letters of acceptance on December 14, to 221 of the 554 applicants to the Class of 2010 under the college’s early decision program. Applications for early decision increased by 5 percent over last year.

Williams early decision program has been in place since 1964. The accepted students for the Class of 2010 represent 41 percent of the projected class size of 538.

“Once again the admissions committee was extremely impressed with the strength of the applicant pool and its diversity,” Director Richard Nesbitt said. “The newly admitted students come from 39 states and 13 foreign countries. One hundred men and 121 women were accepted. African Americans comprise 8 percent of the admitted students, Asian Americans 8 percent, and Latinos 5 percent. International students account for 5 percent of the early admit group.”

Still a ways to go to meet the Admissions Department goal of hitting those national population goals, but that isn’t today’s rant.

Compare this to the release from 4 years ago.

The admitted group has average SAT scores of 712 verbal and 700 math, compared with last year’s 709 and 702.

The College provided no score information this year. (I also think that the College has released SAT statistics in the last few years as well, but can’t find the links other than this one.) Why no statistics this year? Perhaps because the new SAT makes comparison difficult. Perhaps for no reason.

But perhaps the numbers are not as good as they normally are . . .

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