Fellow Eph Blogger Ronit Bhattacharyya ’07 had this to day in a recent comment thread.

I’m now at a point where I might not take any Econ electives at all in my junior spring, leaving two to take in senior year along with the senior seminar. Even as a junior with decent grades and a number of profs who know me well, everything is closed up. This is partially my fault – I didn’t start pleading with profs early enough. But this is the sort of problem that I thought only occurred in large state schools…it’s certainly the first time I’ve experienced it at Williams.

Just how much of an enrollment problem will the Economics Department face this spring? Is it just Ronit or are some/many/most junior economics majors feeling constricted? Again, I don’t think that this is anyone’s fault. No one expected 100+ majors in the class of ’07. But it would be nice to have an accurate sense of the scale of the problem.

Here is the info on spring registration.

ECON 110   Principles of Microeconomics                   29       40      44       39
ECON 120   Principles of Macroeconomics                   20       48      42       41
ECON 204   Econ Developmnt Poor Countries         40      33       33               38
ECON 207   China Econ Transfmtn Since1980                 20        8       9       27
ECON 221   Economics of the Environment                             7       8       36
ECON 251   Price and Allocation Theory            21      15       17      17       23
ECON 252   Macroeconomics                         26      20       18      21       24
ECON 253   Empirical Economic Methods             10      19       19      18       40
ECON 255   Econometrics                           23      18       23      12       33
ECON 362   Global Competitive Strategies          24      23       24      24       22
ECON 363   Money and Banking                      25      19       27      18
ECON 367   Empirical Methds Macreconomics                          12      16
ECON 382   Industrial Organization                                                  25
ECON 383   Cities, Regions & the Economy                           12
ECON 385   Game and Information                    7      15               26       20
ECON 386   Envir Policy&Nat Resource Mgmt          7                       23

On the far right is, I think, the number of pre-registered students. Other numbers are the enrollment in the class for prior years. I am not sure what the missing numbers mean for courses like ECON 363. Not being offered? The number of courses offered seems small.

It sure does seem that Ronit does not have a lot of options. Indeed, is there a single 300 level class that has space for him to sign up?

If the situation is really as dire as Ronit makes it out to be, I would expect the department to bring in some visitors, at least for a semester or two. But perhaps I am reading too much into his comments . . .

Details please.

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