Being sick and tired of EphBlog posting all-campus e-mails about important issues, the College has decided to go old school, placing a written notice in every SU box with the news that the four neighborhood plan, with First Years in Mission Park, has been selected. Comments:

1) Unbelievable! Imagine that you had been at the December 8th meeting of the CUL, hanging out with in-the-know professors like Will Dudley ’89 and Thomas Smith ’88 (along with experience administrators like Registrar Charlie Toomajian). What if you had claimed that, within 8 weeks, the College would make the most radical change in its housing system in a generation , choosing a plan that the CUL had never even considered? They would have thought that you were nuts. No way that the College would ride roughshod over all the CUL’s deliberations and hard word. Inconceivable!

2) Again (and again), I am torn about this because it seems an unbelievably stupid way to run the College, but I like the result. Of all the permutations of Anchor (or Cluster Or Neighborhood) Housing that we have been through (endless background here), this is easily the best. I, like a majority of the students, still prefer the current system to the new one. But, if we are to have a new system, this is the one to have. All praise Dean Roseman!

3) I do not really believe that the College cares about EphBlog posting e-mails. But, then, why did they inform everyone about this change via paper? Just curious. Do extremely important decisions get distributed this way? Have there been other messages in the past few years that have not gone out via e-mail? Perhaps one of our friendly readers could send us a scan of the message. We love to preserve history at EphBlog. There is certainly going to be a Williams history thesis student who will want to read the exact text a few decades from now.

No word yet on how this decision is effecting co-ops. Are Chadbourne and Woodridge going to become co-ops? Are Goodrich, Parsons and Sewall being lost? Housing-fixated minds want to know! Below is the e-mail on the co-op/off-campus meeting that is happening this afternoon. Reports from the scene are appreciated!

Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 15:47:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Co-op & Off-Campus Info Session for Class of ’07

Hello Class of 2007! If you are interested in living in a co-op or living off-campus next year and have questions, please come to the…

Co-op & Off-Campus Information Session
Thursday, February 2 @ 4:00pm
The Log

We will have some basic information to share, and we will answer your questions. This session is *voluntary*.

Also as you turn in your applications for this lottery (they’re due by February 6 – that’s Monday!), please be sure to have fully-completed the application. If you are designating a proxy, be sure you have indicated ID numbers for both yourself and your proxy.

See you at The Log for the Info Session!

-your GetARoom Staff!

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