The results of the co-op lottery are available and the draw is tomorrow night. Comments:

1) See below the break for the e-mail announcing the results. Alas, I can’t find any updated information on how many rooms/houses are available. I made a special plea to increase the number of co-ops this year, but I doubt that this happened. Where can students in the lottery go to find out what their choices really are?

2) Thomas Kindred suggested coordinating the picking process by sharing information about pick numbers and likely selections. Great idea! I created a Willipedia page to help out but my attempts to point this out in the discussion failed because I (like all alums?) can’t login to that part of WSO. Perhaps a reader could provide a pointer in the thread.

3) By my count, there 189 participants. It is a shame that the College — as well as the students representatives on bodies like CUL and College Council — do not provide more co-op spots. It is an excellent program, beloved by all and largely unique to Williams. From a fund-raising point of view, there are few ways to bind Ephs more tightly to their friends (and future class agents!) then having them live together intimately senior year. How many spots are there?

Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 14:43:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Co-op/Off-campus Lottery Results Posted

For those juniors who applied, the results of the Co-op/Off-campus Lottery are now available at the Office of Campus Life, Hopkins Hall 1st floor. You can also find out your individual results by visiting the following webpage:

…click on “RoomDraw/Lottery” on the left, then sign in.

Remember that the Co-op/Off-campus Draw is on Thursday night, February 9, beginning at 7:30pm, in Bronfman Auditorium. Please be on-time and make
sure you have your Williams ID with you.

Questions? Reply to or stop by the Campus Life office
in Hopkins and ask Gail or Aaron.


-your GetARoom Staff

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