The “GetARoom@Williams” staff recently sent out a booklet to every S.U. box detailing the way picks will work this year. Here is the general idea:

You can pick in a group of up to six, but if you want, you can split up, either into different neighborhoods or different houses. The neighborhood draw is first (March 7-9) and then the within-neighborhood room draw is second (April 11-12).

Within each class, and within each neighborhood, the neighborhood picking order is reversed for room draw, so if you were the last senior to pick into the Dodd cluster, you’re now the first senior to pick a room in the Dodd cluster, and if you were the first junior to pick into the Currier cluster, you’re now right before the sophomores when you pick a room.

Keep reading for all of the details, word for word, omitting the parts that were exactly the same last year. I have kept their arbitrary capitalization, but you’ll just have to imagine the huge range of fonts and sizes and bold and italics that the GetARoom staff sprinkles in with reckless abandon.

The Lottery

[Students who haven’t picked into co-op or off-campus housing have to go into the draws; point values are assigned based on class and averaged within groups; each group gets a random number ordered by their points; they’ll post the picking times in Goodrich and Dining Halls.]

Lottery number order will be used in this manner. For Neighborhood Draw in March, the order will be lowest pick to highest pick. For the Room Draw in APril, the order will be highest pick to lowest pick. Thus, those students with a not-so-good pick in Mach at the Neighborhood draw will have a better pick in April at the neighborhood room draws, and vice versa.

GetARoom@Williams will reorganize the numbers based upon your neighborhood choices in March, and will also reverse the order. For example, if you have the #1 pick in March, you go first. If you have the last number in March, you’ll likely have #1 in April, and you would go first at that time.

Neighborhood Draw

At your announced time, you’ll show up at the Log (enter through the side door of the Log farthest from Spring Street – signs will be posted to show the appropriate way to enter the building for the draw) to choose your neighborhood. [Come at the right time, bring your ID, etc.]

Room Draw

Once students have selected their neighborhoods, the same rankings will be used to determine room draw selection order within the respective neighborhood room draws. The revised results of the lottery will be posted on the web on April 5 [be on time, etc.].

Class year preference will be in place, so seniors will still pick first within their neighborhoods.

[Come at the right time, etc.]

Tips and a few more rules

Neighborhoods and houses will be balanced by gender. A neighborhood or house may have no more than a 60% composition of occupants of the same gender. During neighborhood draw there will also be class year caps, so as to have a balance of students across class years in each neighborhood.


That’s everything that’s new this year.

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