So says Morty:

To the Williams Community,

I am very pleased to report that, after consulting with the Faculty Steering Committee, I have offered the position of Dean of the Faculty to Bill Wagner, Brown Professor of History, and he has accepted.

In succeeding his department colleague Tom Kohut beginning July 1, Bill brings his sensibilities as a distinguished teacher and scholar as well as extensive experience with the College’s administration and governance.

In addition to his work as Chair of the History Department, he’s served as Assistant Dean of the College, Director of the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford, and Coordinator of the Tutorial Program. He’s also served on a variety of governance committees, including as Chair of the Committee on Educational Policy, the Committee on Priorities and Resources and the Committee on Undergraduate Life.

Once again Williams is fortunate to have faculty so willing and able to fill its senior administrative positions.

Please join me in thanking Bill for taking on this important role.


Morty Schapiro

Why is it so hard for the College to inform the members of the “Williams Community” who happen to be alumni about important news like this? I realize that there will probably be a news release at some point and that EphNotes will provide the information, but there are a lot of alumni (like me!) who would like to be able to subscribe to the same e-mail list as the all-students or all-staff one that this message went out on.

Not to be snarky, but if Williams really is “fortunate to have faculty so willing and able to fill its senior administrative positions,” then why do we need to pay $50,000 per year extra to senior administrators? Why isn’t the $150k+ that they are already paid enough? Just asking!

The reason, of course, is that we probably don’t have to do it. The sort of people who want these jobs want them independently of the money (although you certainly need to release them from teaching duties). In fact, the less money-motivated they are, the better they probably end up being. I’d wager that in the past the extra pay for positions like Dean of the Faculty was small to non-existent. But, the vast wealth of Williams makes it very easy for the people in charge to pay each other a lot of money.

To be precise, my complaint today is not that the Dean of the Faculty is paid $200,000 per year or that Wagner will receive an pay hike of around 1/3 for taking the job. My objection is to Morty lauding the willingness of faculty to take these jobs while paying them extra for their public spirit. Either pay them extra and shut-up about it or brag about how “fortunate” Williams is and then pay them the same.

Hypocrisy, thy name is administrator salaries at Williams.

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