One of the purposes of EphBlog is to capture bits and pieces of Williams as it is now so that we might have a record to refer back to in the future. Today’s topic is housing self-segregation at Williams.

Please provide all the examples of the self-segregation that occurs in Williams housing today, the last year of free agency.

1) The point here is not to argue about the causes of that self-segregation or its costs/benefits. No judgments, please. Just give us the facts.

2) Be specific. We are looking for items like: “the entire mens swim team lives in Gladden” or “every resident of Agard is Asian American.”

3) Feel free to disagree with previous claims. For example, it could be that lots of male swimmer live elsewhere and the original claim is wrong, or at least incomplete.

4) Again, one Eph’s self-segregation is another Eph’s living-with-my-friends. Also, the reasons behind living groups is not always obvious to an outsider. One might observe that, say, Brooks is African American without realizing that the true underlying commonality which brought the group together is membership in Sankofa.

Again, the purpose here is not to complain or judge or muckrake, but simply to record Williams as it is.

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