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Mystic Monday #1

This photo series is so that the Williams community will know a little more about what goes on at Williams-Mystic. The first thing I’ll do is dispel a common myth, which is that Williams-Mystic students live on a boat.


Williams-Mystic students live in houses. Specifically, I lived in this house. The houses are right across the street from Mystic Seaport, a museum with 100+ buildings and 150+ boats. The houses are very nice, probably the nicest houses that most of the Williams-Mystic students will live in for a decade or two afterwards. They are former millworkers’ houses from when there was a velvet mill on the Mystic River. Four students live in this house and two others, and there is one larger house with six students.

There are interior photos, and much more commentary, below.

The kitchen:
The kitchen comes fully equipped with silverware, dishes, pots and pans, towels, Tupperware, and even some nonperishable staples like oil, flour, sugar, and spices from previous semesters. Students cook all of their own food, and are given money every two weeks to buy food for the house. Cooking duties are usually alternated based on some sort of schedule decided on by the house at the beginning of the semester.

The living room:
A nice living room, really. All that is upstairs is the bedrooms and bathroom, so we often were in the living room doing homework and whatnot. Cleaning chores also rotated on a schedule decided on at the beginning, so that living spaces stayed relatively clean. (This varied from house to house, with ours, proudly enough, being the only house that stuck to a schedule, and thus being the cleanest house.)

The dining room:
We had dinner together every night, the four of us, usually a new dish every night (we had leftovers for lunch). This was really a great tradition. I cannot overemphasize this. Some houses didn’t bother having dinner together or fixing house dinners, but it was really a great thing for those that did. We had placemats and napkin rings and main course and dessert. Many families don’t even do that! I hope the kids at Williams who live in co-ops have an opportunity to do something similar, because it is a great part of the day.