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Calling Williams Towner!

The problem with excellent but anonymous commentators like Williams Towner is that there is no way for us to reach them other than via shout out. Consider this such a shout. Hey Williams Towner! We need you to either confirm or deny these comments:

Hmm, whats the real issue that you want the Record to report on? I know there has been lots of noise about the fact that two of the tenure denials were both working mothers. Maybe there is a story here that the Record should write about?

Has there been “lots of noise” or not? This empirical claim came up again in the context my letter to the Record this week. Now, there are problems with this letter that I will get to later — Thanks for bad editing Record editors! — but, for now, I just want to focus on whether or not there is discussion/debate over the working-mother status of the tenure denials. Can Williams Towner or anyone else shed light on this?

Now, most readers of this blog do not have access to private discussions among the faculty. But the rest of us can still get a sense of the plausibility of these claims but considering other facts.

1) Am I correct in assuming that Mladenovic and Bean have children? If not, than Williams Towner is obviously misinformed.

2) Am I correct in assuming that the three newly tenured females (Ali, Johnson and Velazquez) do not have children? If they do, then Williams Towner’s claims would also seem suspect.

But if all the newly tenured females have children and all the denied females do not, I would be surprised if this were not a topic of conversation.

I apologize for belaboring this point, but I faculty friend challenged me on it (after seeing my Record letter) and I want to ensure that I did/do not put too much faith in Williams Towner. This faculty member had not heard any such working-mother-related discussion.