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McGuire ’10 from Delbarton

Delbarton has a serious high school football program, with one graduate heading to Williams next year.

Football season ended in early December, but Delbarton football coach Brian Bowers has been a busy man ever since. The Green Wave roster was loaded with good football players who also excel in the classroom, which can only mean one thing: College recruiters have been making constant contact with Bowers.

Delbarton has always had strong inroads to Ivy and Patriot League schools — both of which emphasize academics as well as football. Those relationships have only been strengthened over the last few months.

Offensive lineman Michael McGuire (6-4, 225) will attend Williams College, where Bowers coached for a season before coming to Delbarton and where former Green Wave coach John Kowalik attended.

“I know that program well and Michael will be a great fit there,” Bowers said.

Kowalik ’83 is now the Headmaster at the Peck School. (You know that Kowalik is a smart Eph because he’s married to his classmate, Carolyn (Coombs) Kowalik.) Despite all my crazy ideas, the Eph Football Mafia is not as well-organized (at least publically) as it ought to be.

Reader reports about the 13 other lucky tips for the football program for the class of 2010, as well as the 52 tips in other sports, are always welcome.

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#1 Comment By Loweeel On February 16, 2006 @ 10:56 am

Kids from Delbarton should go to Amherst, not Williams. As for their “academics” and “student”-athletes, well lets just say that they have a tips policy in admissions that dwarfs the wildest imagination of anti-athlete advocates at Williams. There is no other way to describe the level of recruiting that they do. Interestingly, Delbarton was originally part of St. Benedicts, but the monks split and moved out to the country from Newark because they didn’t want to deal with “the urban populace”.

As for Peck (which is K-8), where bluebloods congregate so densely that they’re almost ultraviolet, anybody has to be better than Sheila Slutzker, one of the most vile and two-faced people that I’ve ever met.

#2 Comment By Bill ’04 On February 16, 2006 @ 11:31 am

I could care less where you went to high school as long as you can play and beat Herst. Almost all private schools in Jersey recruit athletes, and all of them do, when are on Delbarton’s level of football. Williams Football has had a lot of Delbarton players over the years and they have been good players. Most recently Mike Conner ’06 was a solid DT for the last few years. I hope this guy McGuire does well.

#3 Comment By frank uible On February 16, 2006 @ 11:43 am

Mike (Mitch) Connor was considerably better than solid.

#4 Comment By Loweeel On February 16, 2006 @ 12:24 pm

Wasn’t Mitch Connor the real identity of the Cartman’s Hand Jennifer Lopez in the South Park episode entitled Fat Butt and Pancake Head? Yes, yes it was — see here for what Mitch Connor looks like.