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Mystic Monday #3: Food, glorious food!

Sep. 14-20 082.jpg

Students at Williams-Mystic cook all of their own food, and so we had frequent get-togethers, especially in the early part of the fall when it was pleasant outdoors. It was like a 1950s pot luck, including even an occasional pasta casserole, but often we made quite haute cuisine, such as sliced avacadoes. The above picture is in the combined back yard of three of the student houses, with the main parking lot for Mystic Seaport in the background.


Occasionally we had themed food events, like brunch or, pictured here, Minnesota Night. One student was from Minnesota, so he and his girlfriend (who was visiting from her college) made two kinds of jello salad called Green and Orange, a hot dish called Hot Dish, red drink, scalloped potatoes, and Special K bars.


Of course, with all this delicious food, we often had leftovers. We would eat it for lunch, but sometimes it was just so delicious that we had some left over, and then leftover from that… The table in this picture shows you how much food my house had left over at the end of the semester, when we invited the other houses over to eat it. So you see, the food budget is quite sufficient at Williams-Mystic. (The girl in the picture is actually an Amherst student.)

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#1 Comment By Guy Creese ’75 On February 27, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

Besides giving you a headstart on some good recipes for when you leave Williams, it looks like great camraderie was had by all.

Although certain classes and debates will stick with you after you graduate, over the years those specific memories will fade. Now, 30 years out, some of my strongest memories of Williams are of having great talks around the dinner table with friends at Baxter Hall my freshman year. So it’s good to see you celebrating these moments, as based on my experience you’ll enjoy them far into the future.