Ben Fleming ’04 points to this New York Times article on Mat Levine ’74:

Early one Saturday in the basketball capital of the world, the echoes of whistles and sneaker squeaks bounced off the gymnasium walls at A. Philip Randolph High School in West Harlem.

Under the watchful eye of their instructor, Mat Levine, and several coaches, a few dozen athletes in uniform scrambled around the court, taking part in ball-handling, shooting and passing drills, and learning how to box out opponents.

“We have been getting better,” John Vargas, a 14-year-old Randolph freshman, said. “With the season approaching, there is a lot of energy pumping through our team.”

Since Dec. 17, Vargas and his teammates have been preparing for a spring season like no other at the school, and they are going about it with a different sort of bounce in their step.

Next month, Randolph will field Harlem’s first public high school lacrosse teams. As developmental programs, the boys’ and girls’ squads will compete in the Public Schools Athletic League at the junior-varsity level.

Read the whole thing. Levine’s program, CityLax, is reminiscent of Greg Zaff’s ’84 Squash Busters.

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