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Get A Neighborhood

Rising juniors seniors are choosing neighborhoods right now. Good luck to all. Special kudos to Doug Bazuin and CUL for acting so quickly on student concerns about common room space in the to-be-renovated dorms (Lehman, East and Fayerweather). Although the Williams Housing System is a bad idea overall, the
speed and sensitivity with which Bazuin et al have dealt with student worries is impressive.

And, don’t forget, the official EphBlog position is:

Currier == Hufflepuff
Dodd == Slytherin
Spencer == Ravenclaw
Wood == Gryffindor

Explain this to them at the Log! (Special thanks to Linda Hall for helping EphBlog with some research questions on this topic and to Professor Frederick Rudolph ’42, author of the indispensable “Mark Hopkins and The Log,” for kindly considering the issue at my request.)

Details below.

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:11:14 -0500 (EST)
From: getaroom@williams.edu
Reply-To: getaroom@williams.edu
Subject: GetARoom Update 3/7/06
To: students-09@williams.edu, students-08@williams.edu,

Tonight is the first Neighborhood Draw – Class of 2007, at the Log!
7pm Groups 1-20
7:30pm Groups 21-40
8pm Groups 41-60
8:30pm Groups 61-80
9pm Groups 81-97
9:30pm Groups 98-114

Also, an update on *common rooms.* Morgan Goodwin, Jonathan Misk, and Suranjit Tilakawardane met with Doug Bazuin at noontime today to discuss common rooms in Morgan, East, and Fayerweather. Morgan, Jonathan, and Suranjit said that student preference would be to add at least some small common rooms, even at the loss of neighborhood bed flexibility and 4 singles. Based upon their feedback as representatives of College Council, we have decided to use one single room space on Morgan 2, Morgan 3, and Morgan 4 as common rooms, as well as one room on Fay 2 as a common room. The students agreed that, given the smaller size of East, one first-floor common room will suffice, so the current plan will remain. In Fay, which is a bit larger than East, we decided to add one small common room on an upper floor to give another space. Please note that the added upstairs common rooms are not huge, will not have a house TV or cable, and will not have kitchenettes. They will have lounge furniture. (A kitchen and TV/cable will be available in the house common areas – Morgan ground floor, Fay ground floor, and East 1st floor.)

In Morgan, the added common rooms are: 202, 327, 414
In Fay, the added common room is: 204

This changes two house room/bed counts, as follows:

Morgan Total Beds = 106 Singles = 88 Doubles = 9
Fayerweather Total Beds = 59 Singles = 35 Doubles = 12

Due to the lateness of this change, we will not be adjusting the caps.

If you have questions about this decision, we suggest that you contact your CC rep or contact one of these three guys directly. (Godfrey Bakuli, CC president, also just stopped by and said “yes” to this plan. So you can also contact him if you need to.)

Thanks – and we’ll see you ’07-ers tonight!

-your GetARoom Staff

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#1 Comment By Ronit On March 7, 2006 @ 7:44 pm

Actually, it’s rising seniors today.

And the incentives are all wrong at the Log.

Everyone is piling on to one particular cluster, since at any moment it’s most rational to pick the cluster with the most number of people at that moment. So everyone tries to screw everyone else, instead of choosing based.

#2 Comment By Diana On March 7, 2006 @ 8:20 pm

Actually, it’s not true that “everyone is piling on to one particular cluster.” When I left, the numbers were approximately 60, 40, 20, 0 in terms of people having picked in. We hoped there might be a waterfall effect like what you describe, but interestingly, that has not happened yet, at the very least.

#3 Comment By Ronit On March 7, 2006 @ 8:32 pm

Clearly, 60-40-20-0 shows a piling-on effect. Those are big differences. No one wants to pick into Wood first.

#4 Comment By David On March 7, 2006 @ 9:14 pm

What is the breakdown by neighborhood?

Can anyone provide updates?

I don’t know anyone who predicted, beforehand, that we would have this problem. Did anyone? Am I right in thinking that the issue is that no one wants to pick Wood first because then she would have the last room pick in Wood? Is there something special about Wood which makes this a problem or did Wood just randomly end up not selected at first and then path dependence kicked in?

I would think that a senior in Wood would still get a fine room even if she has the last senior pick.

Should we predict now that few sophomore will want to pick into Currier first?

#5 Comment By Diana On March 7, 2006 @ 11:52 pm

I am not providing specifics because I am afraid of getting put at the end of the sophomore room draw. No one has said that this might be a consequence, but no one is afraid of changing things at the last minute, either.

People certainly predicted in advance that there would be a piling-on waterfall effect, that the houses would fill up in order, Spencer filling up completely, then Dodd, then Currier and then Wood. This was not happening when I left, but I have no idea what happened as the night went on.

Nobody wants to be the first to pick into any cluster, but the last rooms for seniors in Wood are apparently worse than the last rooms in Spencer and Dodd. I don’t have the numbers on the singles because I sent the packet to you, David, but there is a serious aversion by seniors to the Greylock dorms, so possibly the number of singles in Agard, Garfield, Perry, and Wood is less than 76, so the first picks into Wood are guaranteed having to live in Greylock.

#6 Comment By Whitney Wilson ’90 On March 8, 2006 @ 10:16 am

Interesting that Greylock is so disliked by seniors. In my day, the large singles in Greylock (not directly connected to the suites) were pretty popular for seniors. I know I was very happy there.

#7 Comment By Ronit On March 8, 2006 @ 11:03 am

Record says Spencer and Dodd quickly reached their class caps at the 63rd and 64th pick groups, respectively. No one signed up for Wood until the 68th group came through. Currier and Wood went neck and neck for the rest of the night. So a bunch of those people with middle-of-the-range picks got screwed, since they still had to be the first in their cluster.

The trend started with the fact that Spencer and Dodd do have better rooms and location than the others, on average. But once the first first 10 picked into those two while hardly anyone had chosen the other two, it just snowballed from there.

Some people who didn’t show up were randomly assigned at the end of the night. This annoyed quite a few people. They felt that that non-shows should have been randomly assigned when their number came up, so that those following them had a better position. However, GetaRoom says that those students, even though they would be the last to enter clusters, would not enter rooms first (presumably, they’ll keep the inverse of thier original number for the inverse draw).

Most people simply did not choose a cluster based on any attributes of the cluster (since clusters are an imaginary construct, I’m not sure what attributes they have). Their only concern was the rooms available to them within the cluster.

#8 Comment By 09er On March 8, 2006 @ 1:04 pm

I believe that for the rising sophomore draw spencer will be the sole cluster picked into until it fills up(minus maybe one or two groups). Then there will be a Wood waterfall. Following that, Dodd and Currier should go neck and neck the rest of the way, unless a few groups in a row pick into one and start said waterfall.

Rising sophomores have even more incentive to pick where there are already the most people because of the fact that so many of us will have to live in doubles. Instead of thinking where we want to be for three years, we are deciding based on where we have the lowest shot of a double.

#9 Comment By Diana On March 8, 2006 @ 3:14 pm

Don’t no-shows at room draw just get put into the summer room draw with transfers and students returning from leave, thereby getting the worst and least wanted rooms on campus?

The no-shows at cluster draw should simply be randomly assigned to a cluster — preferably whichever has more space, i.e. is less desirable — and be the last to pick rooms in it, preferably after the last of the sophomore class. GetARoom sent three e-mails in as many days; they have no excuse for not coming.

#10 Comment By wesley On December 2, 2008 @ 3:01 am

Why is Wood a Gryfindor? Anyway I am sure it will work its way out.