Getting America Right : The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today is now available. Publishers Weekly writes:

Flag, faith and family; free markets and free trade; limited government, local control and individual responsibility are the ideals championed by Heritage Foundation president Feulner and chairman Wilson in this conservative manifesto on what’s wrong with America and how we can fix it. Drawing on Heritage Foundation research, according to the foreword, they prescribe a litmus test for government policies that readers can employ on their own by asking the following questions of any proposed policy: “Is federal action necessary?… Does this measure promote self-reliance?… Is it [fiscally] responsible?… Does it make us more prosperous? Does it make us safer?… Does it unify us?” Censuring both “tax and spend” Democrats and today’s “borrow and spend” Republicans, the authors are critical of the Bush administration and the mushrooming national debt–$7.7 trillion at the time of publication, they note. But their tally of federal waste (e.g., overpayments in tax credits for “the undeserving poor”) and fraud to cut–$100 billion worth–comes nowhere near closing the huge federal deficits they decry, and their solutions (e.g., flat tax and Social Security privatization) will surely provoke partisan debate. Regardless of the reader’s ideology, however, this book makes for a clear articulation of core conservative ideas.

Why do the readers of EphBlog care? Most importantly, because Mike Needham ’04 played a key role in the book, serving as an “invisible hand” to the two main authors. (Those wise in the ways of Washington books will know that this means that Mike actually deserves to be listed as an author himself.) In addition, this also seems like a good, civil introduction to an approach to American public policy which is rooted in the tradition of classical liberalism. Perhaps Mike will send a copy to Professor Sam Crane. I know that he would appreciate the thought!


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