A WSO thread reports on a recent fight at Williams and the punishments that were meted out afterwards. The original post is by Eric Gottenborg and is reproduced below. One of the students involved was John Pritchard ’08. Long time blog readers will recall Pritchard as being at the center of the QBE (Queer Bash E-mail) controversy of 3 years ago.

See here, here, here and here for previous EphBlog commentary. And don’t forget recently (and mysteriously) departed Stephen Collingsworth’s role.

The real mystery (to me), and something that none of the thread participants seemed to pick up on, is that Gottenborg refers to Pritchard as “a mongrol.” Huh?

This is my first time doing this, so I hope this works. I am writing to inform those students who are not already aware of a decision that was made by Dean Sneed and one other dean this morning in regards to a fight last weekend.

First, the fight: So on Saturday night, the 4th of March, a student named John Pritchard walked through a gladden common room and encountered another student, Jake Randall, that happens to be his girl-friend’s ex. Randall, in an effort to put their differences aside, stuck out his and in a respectful manner. Pritchard denied the gesture, to which Randall took offense. Words were exchanged and in a matter of seconds, Pritchard, a mongrol, pinned Randall up against the wall. Randall’s friend, who was visiting for the weekend, put his hand on Pritchard’s shoulder and asked him calmly to “settle down”. Without warning, Pritchard turned to Randall’s friend and started bashing his face into the concrete floor. Randall then tackled Pritchard to get him off his friend, and Pritchard ended up on top of Randall with a death strangle on him. After about 20 seconds, Randall recalled his life literally slipping away under Pritchard’s white-knuckled grip. Luckily, two students were able to strip Pritchard off of Randall before he was killed. (If you think this is exaggerated, you should see the pictures of Randall’s friend and the bruises on Randall’s throat – both look like they cheated death)

Now here’s where it gets complicated. Randall, in a frenzy (as any one of us would be after nearly excaping the clutches of death himself), called his ex-girlfriend (Pritchard’s current girlfriend), and called her all sorts of names and told her how disgusted he was for ever being involved with a psycho like Pritchard.

Pritchard and Randall go to the Deans, and receive the SAME PUNISHMENT. Both have to take a year off of school. Am I crazy, or is this not the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened at Williams?

Not only did the Deans not consider Randall’s reasons for being upset valid, but they didn’t even ask if he, or his friend were OK. They didn’t even care.

If you don’t know Jake Randall, you should. And if you don’t know John Pritchard, you’re lucky. The fact that they are treated on the same level is frightening. What is wrong with our school?

What are your thoughts?

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