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Better Than Blogs?

Evan Miller ’06 asks DeWitt Clinton ’98 (and others?) if letters are better than blogs?

This letter is my idea for a new form of blogging. You are reading this in your email, but a copy of it will also be posted on my site; there, anyone can write comments. On that version of the letter, the salutation will link to your home page, and I will post links to any replies of yours that are too full for the comments section. Let me explain why this form is necessary.

Blogs are a great way for organizations to make informal announcements, for would-be journalists to report and comment on a slice of our changing world, and for people in respectable positions to offer analysis. I have nothing to offer in the way of improvement to those writers.

But I find that other types of blogs–personal, experiential, or speculative blogs–suffer because the authors don’t know their audience, quite literally. They have ideas to share, and simply put them “out there,” without knowing whether anyone is listening. These amateur bloggers have much in common with blind preachers. If the blogger is lucky enough that someone leaves a comment, he can try to infer his audience’s characteristics from it, but he may know nothing more about his audience than the number of readers, and he may know their preferences only by how the readership changes after certain posts.

Read the whole thing. Blind preaching would be one of the more charitable characterizations of my writings on EphBlog.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of Eph Community of Interest in which Eph technologists could have this sort of conversation?