No, not the entering class size at Williams, but rather the enrollment in the most popular class at Harvard: “Positive Psychology.” As The Boston Globe puts it, it teaches a

new area of psychology that focuses on what makes people feel good rather than the pathologies that can make them feel miserable.

Next in popularity are an economics class (669 students) and a second psychology course (550 students) taught by the same teacher of the first course, a Mr. Ben-Shahar. As the Globe notes, with two courses he’s teaching more than 1,400 students. In Williams terms, that would translate into teaching two-thirds of the student body within one semester.

Damn, why didn’t I go to Harvard? That way, I could fondly remember almost getting run over in Harvard Square, and taking a course with 854 other bodies. As it is, I’m stuck with memories of kicking through the golden leaves in Williamstown and taking a course from a Pulitzer award-winning author with 17 laughing, argumentative friends. Oh, well. Live and learn.

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