An anonymous Eph mom passed on this article about Oberlin’s branding efforts.

Ohio’s Oberlin College doesn’t offer a marketing degree. But its faculty members and students, ready or not, have begun to learn all about the process of selling — in this case, of the institution itself.

Since last fall, a marketing specialist has been polling students, talking to alumni and conducting focus groups to help administrators distinguish the institution in a competitive college market, while also following the guidelines of the college’s strategic plan, which was laid out in 2005. Now that the initial legwork is finished, the marketer has suggested that Oberlin pursue a “concept of fearlessness,” which, in turn, has raised some thoughtful introspection among those loyal to the institution.

Any such effort at Oberlin which does not involve music — surely the field that comes to mind for many in the target audience who know anything about Oberlin — seems sub-optimal.

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