An anonymous Eph was kind enough to send a copy of the recent article from Harpers & Queen on Bethany McLean ’92. Alas, I can’t find it on-line. But there are always fun comments on the web.

Inwardly I fought renting Enron–The Smartest Guys in the Room, predisposing that it raised the rebel flag and supported the farce fantasy of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. However, after internalizing the documentary it is my opinion that Bethany McLean is a heroin; that young girls should receive encouragement to become like her. She is remarkable and is one of America’s most beautiful women. Ms. McLean wrote a column for Forbes “Is Enron Overpriced” and asked why the fortune 500 company was trading at such huge multiples. She forced herself against the current, which took courage and resolve. BRAVA

Having met Bethany a few months ago, I can confirm her beauty, but then again I think all Eph women are beautiful. Very few, however, can match Bethany’s amazing dimples. If you have an interest in business, you ought to read her book.

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