The College’s love notes are leading to a great deal of anxiety on College Confidential.

As someone who has not gotten one an “early write,” I think it’s bad what they’re doing. I think the college admissions process – at least for those applying to schools like Williams – is too stressful as it is, and I think it is unfair they have anxious applicants running to the mailbox every day.

I also think that there is something wrong with the way that accepted applicants are essentially being ranked, especially at a school as small as Williams where if you choose to attend (after not receiving an early write) you might be one of only 100-200 in your class.

I don’t think there’s a problem with rolling admissions, but I think there is a problem with rolling acceptances. If they wanted to do this they should have been up front about it AND they should also have sent out each decision when they were ready, not just acceptances.


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