The Williams Art Collective seems like a great idea.

In short, the Williams Art Collective has two main concerns, exhibition of student art and funding/support for community art projects. We have already put on three shows, WA-BAM!, Old-Fangled, and On the Green. The first two were ongoing exhibitions in Schow Atrium and Dodd Living Room, respectively (at Williams College, Williamstown, MA, if you need a wider frame of reference). On the Green was an outside show and therefore had to be dismantled on the same day it was set up. But it was all kinds of cool too. This year, the WAC hopes to bring many more shows of student art to all corners of campus. You’ll know when a show’s coming up by our awesome posters.

We would love to have a WAC member as an author at EphBlog. We have hundreds of readers, many of whom would enjoy viewing a new art work by a Williams student/professor each week. WAC has students who want their art work viewed. Surely this is a match made in heaven . . .

Display your art here.

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