Dan Blatt ’85 has thoughts on civility and trolls which begin with a Williams memory.

When I was an undergraduate at Williams, given that few other conservative students were as outspoken as I, I was a frequent guest on the “Community Affairs” program on the college’s radio station, WCFM. And there, I experienced the worst and the best of liberal ideas and left-wing attitudes toward then-President Reagan and the policies of his Administration.

Ah, memories! My then-girl-friend-now-wife was shocked to listen to me on the same radio show arguing with one of the more active campus leftists until she (the leftist) left the radio station in tears, leaving the host and I ensure of what to do next. That’s what I need, she (my-then-girl-friend-now-wife) thought, a husband who knows how to make someone cry!

Dan’s whole post is an interesting read, including the ancient debate on divestment from South Africa. How long ago that was! EphBlog is fortunate not to have the sorts of trouble with comment trolls that Dan is faced with. Indeed, most readers would say, I think, that the back and forth in the comment threads is the best part of EphBlog. Creating and nurturing a forum at which open-minded Ephs might discuss and debate the issues of the day is one of the central purposes of EphBlog. So far, so good.

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