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Total Tuition/Fees Rise 5.8%

In keeping with our financial aid theme for today, here is the latest news on tuition.

Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:16:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Morton.Owen.Schapiro@williams.edu
Reply-To: Morton.Owen.Schapiro@williams.edu
Subject: Tuition Announcement
To: students-07@williams.edu, students-08@williams.edu,

To the Classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009:

After careful deliberation, the Board of Trustees has set the comprehensive fee for 2006-07.

It breaks down as follows:

Tuition $33,478
Board $4,410
Room $4,540
Activities and Residential House Fees $222

Total $42,659

This 5.8% increase leaves our total fee among the lowest of the country’s most selective colleges and universities. When combined with endowment income and gifts to the College, it will enable us to continue to strengthen the very high quality of education we offer our students.

Williams remains committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of all new and returning students, including those whose family circumstances may have changed in the past year. If you believe you may qualify for financial aid for the first time, please contact the financial aid office as soon as possible.

A version of this letter has gone to your parents. In it I told them that we, at the College, are always mindful of the sacrifices they make to provide you with a Williams education. I hope that you are, too, and that you are thankful to them for it.

Best regards,

M. Schapiro


1) No big surprise here. I expect Williams to continue to raise it’s sticker price at this rate or higher as far as the eye can see.

2) At this rate of growth, the sticker price will be $77,000 when my elder daughter starts at Williams and $100,000 when my younger daughter graduates in 2021. Per year. Members of the class of 1988 will recall our slogan: “Sixty Thou to Live with Cows.” As if! Our slogan referred to all four years, of course.

3) I don’t see this memo in the archives. Perhaps it will show up soon. Perhaps, since it only went out to three classes, it will not appear there. Someone, somewhere needs to make these e-mails publicly available, both for interested Ephs today and future historians tomorrow.

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#1 Comment By Jonathan Landsman On April 4, 2006 @ 7:41 pm

The smallest fee, the “Activities and Residential House Fees,” was at first a shock to me, until I realized that it’s the combination of two fees I am used to, that used to be listed separately. These are the Student Activities Tax, $162 this year, and the House Maintenance Fee, $50 this year. [1]

It appears the college has decided to combine these, and that one has been raised ten dollars. Not being on CC anymore, I don’t know if they successfully levied to raise the SAT . . . whether or not that happens basically depends on the treasurer. If not an SAT raise by CC lobbying, the increase is to house funds.

Like David, in this imminent Anchor Housing culture, I have to admit to being a little jittery about looking for changes that are tied to Anchors. I wonder if the rise here has anything to do with it. Certainly I’ve wondered from the very start where the budget for “cluster events” would be coming from, and I hope David and others will help me keep an eye out for the answers as they develop. Will Doug’s discretionary funds go to cluster activities? The dean’s? A fund maintained by Security that used to go to SAC and ACE that I’ve forgotten the name of? And who will administer the voluntarily-paid house dues?

#2 Comment By MaxFactor On April 5, 2006 @ 3:41 pm

I love it that David just wrote “As if!” He deploys the phrase very well, too.