Andy Chiu ’00, occasional EphBlog author, has a new blog. Interesting to read that Andy is in the process of changing his name.

So, I guess I should get around to changing my name. It’s still currently Andy Chiu, and I’ve had the desire to change it to Andy Cho since sometime in college. Why? Well my middle name and my last name were translated from my original Chinese name when I first immigrated. Of course, the official translation for my name sounded nothing like my Chinese name. I want to fix that. Plus, my name is misspelled a couple times a year. I get Chin the most, followed by Chui, Chu, and Chew. I think it’ll be hard to mess up Cho. My middle name will change from Chun-Chia to Jin-Jia.

Interesting. I suspect that this will give the database in the alumni office all sorts of problems. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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