An anonymous but well-informed reader writes:

Not sure if you’ve found this before, but here is an answer to your request for a blog from an admissions officer.

No, it’s not a Williams AO, which I hope does not mean it ends up as one of your misleading fakey block quotes where you pretend that Dick Nesbitt or Mark Robertson is writing it, but they’re really not (you asked for opinions on those a while back. My vote: bad idea).

I’ve only just discovered it (or, rather, was directed to it by a friend), so I don’t know how many of your burning admissions questions/conspiracies are addressed here, but the most recent post sums up pretty well the struggles of working in admissions. It’s actually quite surprising for me to see something like this come from such a large school (and, frankly, I’m amazed they had the time). I had very similar experiences, but on a much smaller scale (and higher admit rate). The point being that we’re human and not always athletic-recruiting, development-supporting, alumni-favoring automatons.

Great stuff and thanks for the tip. Comments:

1) Even more interesting (to me) is this blog from an MIT financial aid officer. Want to know the nitty-gritty details of how colleges try to squeeze as much money out of families as they possibly can? Read this.

2) Why doesn’t Williams have blogs like this? It should. The more open and transparent that the College is, the more successful it will be in the long term. Quality applicants find openness and honesty attractive.

3) No one at EphBlog has accused the Williams admissions department of being automatons. In fact, I will claim to be one of Dick Nesbitt’s biggest fans. Really! We have insisted, however, in bringing into the light the policies that Nesbitt enforces, even if he does not set them by himself. Those policies give significant preferences to tip, URM and extremely rich applicants. Legacies receive a much smaller advantage. Most people are unaware of the magnitude of those preferences. Whether those policies are a good idea is another matter. But we will continue to do everything we can to make the truth known.

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