Cluster pick was interesting in itself, and now room draw is in full swing for the Spencer (picking in Goodrich) and Dodd (in the Log) clusters. I have no idea what is happening with Dodd, but at least in Spencer (Spencer, West, Morgan, and two Greylock houses), seniors did strange things in picking.

For instance, within the first 10 picks, seniors picked into doubles. For another, perhaps half of the students in the first 15 picks picked into Morgan, despite the renovations that appear to make the rooms smaller and convert many rooms into bathrooms. It seems that Morgan may, if this trend continues, be full of seniors, and the rising sophomores at the end of the Spencer draw will be in Greylock rooms.

The process itself is quite smooth. Upon signing in, I was handed a lovely white armband with the Superman S symbol and “Spencer Neighborhood” printed on it in red. The HCs are walking around in bright orange T-shirts, running the whole process quite smoothly.

For alums who don’t know, here is how room pick works (I don’t know if it was this way in all the years past). You wait in the waiting area (in the Log, it’s the room by the bar; in Goodrich it’s the main hall) until your number is called. You sign in and go into the looking room (in the Log, it’s the room with the display case of many kinds of bottles or something; in Goodrich, it’s the living room). In the looking room, there are floorplans, and whiteboards with all the rooms in each house listed, and names of the people who have picked into those rooms already. When it is your turn to pick, you go into the picking room (in the Log, it’s some room off to the “top of Spring Street” side; in Goodrich, it’s the hallway by the bathrooms) and tell them where you want to pick in.

This is all completely obvious except the bit about the whiteboards and the names of the people who have already picked into those rooms. The names are kept quite up to date; HCs are walking in every few minutes to write down where the previous pick group just picked in.

So if it’s got to be Anchors/Clusters/Neighborhoods, at least it seems to be going well. We’ll see how it goes as the night progresses; please put updates in the comments, if you like.

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