As a follow up to our post on Professor Singham, some comments:

1) Rory promised more comments when we answered his questions. In short, the article came from my regular searches for “Williams College” on Google News. Singham’s participation in the conference was also anonymously tipped to me by two people, neither of whom, I conjecture, is a fan.

2) The website for the conference is here. (Note that Professor Magnus Bernhardsson was also a participant, although, unlike Singham, he does not seem to have signed the HAW’s petition. A copy of Singham’s paper is here.

3) The quote from Frontpage is accurate. But my favorite paragraph in Signham’s paper comes just before that.

Our task is the more urgent, since we are the ones who started the war in Iraq, and it is our government that props up the Israeli state; we also benefit and profit more from the oil and impoverishment of the peoples of the Middle East. Unlike French academics, we have some important disadvantages – we live in a much bigger, more decentralized country, we have less social capital and power than intellectuals do in France, and we have a much less free and a weaker press whereby to influence fellow Americans. We do, however, have our Colleges and Universities.

The “press” in the US is “much less free and a weaker” than that in France? Do tell! I really have been out of school for a long time. Also, “props up the Israeli state” is, uh, an interesting formulation of the relationship between the US and Isreal. And, do I really profit from the “impoverishment of the peoples of the Middle East”? If so, the checks must be in the mail!

Is this representative of how Singham teaches her classes? If so, I wish I could be there. The discussion must be very interesting! Perhaps a friendly reader could provide her Factrak entries in the comments.

4) A source reports that he/she mentioned some concerns about Singham to someone in authority at the College. That person would not touch the issue with a “ten foot pole.”

As always, professors at Williams have (and should have) almost total authority in how they conduct their classes. If Singham is an engaged and passionate and skilled teacher, then I welcome her as a fellow Eph. I will recommend that my daughters take her class.

But it sure is fun to talk about this stuff!

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