The election extensions continue.

The CUL’s Governance Subcommittee has decided to extend the deadline for self-nominations for all cluster positions (President, Treasurer, Historian, and Community Liason) until Saturday April 15th at midnight, in order to give more students the opportunity to be involved in neighborhood leadership.


PRESIDENT- Oversee Board, Chair Board Meetings, Serve on College Council, Act as Liaison to College Administration, Faculty, Trustees, Neighborhood Alumni, Facilitate Communication Between Neighborhoods.

TREASURER – Administer Neighborhood Budget, Maintain Financial Records, Oversee All Financial Transactions.

COMMUNITY LIASON – Organize Events That Reflect the Diverse Interests of the Neighborhood, Attend MinCo Meetings, Facilitate Communication Between the Board and the Neighborhood, Represent the Neighborhood to Entries.

HISTORIAN – Record Neighborhood Events, Create Neighborhood Bulletin Board and Website, Take Notes at Meetings, Display Neighborhood Memorabilia, Maintain Neighborhood Archives.

Self-noms of no more than 300 words should be submitted to or to by Saturday April 15th by midnight. Candidates will also be expected to make a short speech at the election on April 20th.

If you cannot make it to the elections on April 20th, please email 09lrk to request an absentee ballot.

Laura Koplik and Bevin Blaber
Spencer Election Committee

Does this extension apply for all clusters or just Spencer? Although I am pleased to see CUL (following EphBlog’s suggestion?) specify that 300 words is the “maximum,” it is still silly to mention any word count at all. No one would write too much and anyone who did would lose.

But — and I know that this is higher math for some of the people on CUL — if you want to have lots of people run for office than you, uh, need to make it easy for people to run for office. (These are just the sorts of insights that you expect from EphBlog, eh?)

Back in the day, if you wanted to be treasure of Carter House, you showed up on election night (which was just snacks), gave a brief spiel and then left the room while people voted. If this was enough of a process for fellow Ephblogger Kim Daboo ’88 and I 20 years ago as we fought over the Carter House college council representative position, it should work well for Spencer today.

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