Can this be true?

As of 2005, williams stopped reporting the number of Black Americans who were accepted in proportion to the number who applied, so JBHE can’t deduce the separate acceptance rate for minorities. However, for the most recent year (2004) the acceptance rate for black americans was 49.8%.

Total Acceptance Rate: 19%
Black American AR: 49.8%

Really? Given that the source is College Confidential, I am doubtful. Note that African-Americans are less likely (at most elite colleges) to apply early decision, so the 50% acceptance rate is even more shocking than it first appears.

Can anyone confirm? I would also be curious to know about yield rates. If there are about 50 African-Americans in each class, and if the yield rate of 50% is the same, then there would be 100 accepted out of 200 applying. This seems implausible. If there are around five or 6 thousand applicants, this would put the percentage of African-Americans in the pool at 3%-4%.

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