Today is Boston Marathon day, and Michelle Rorke ’06 placed 17th. Not 17th among college students, not 17th among non-professional runners, but the 17th female overall, in a race against the best elite and professional marathoners in the world. Last year she was the 18th female, and this year she improved her time by seven minutes, from 2:50:10 to 2:43:08 (6:30 to 6:14 per mile pace). (Search for bib F32 here for her splits.)

Dan Austin ’06 competed in the discus this past week at a highly competitive meet in California (briefly noted here). The competitors included four Olympians, with most of the top American and international discus throwers participating in the competition. Austin threw the discus 194 feet to place sixth out of nine, meaning that he beat three of the best discus throwers in the world. For a bit of perspective, Williams track coach Ralph White says this is equivalent to a male running a 3:53 mile.

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