Noah Smith-Drelich ’07 writes:

I’m currently working on a project that I think you’d be very interested in (and hopefully excited about). I am currently organizing a relay attempt (by Williams students, alumns, and one professor) to swim the English Channel. We will be completing this swim to raise $18,000 for charity, with the proceeds going to the Mothers Programmes (founded by two Williams alumns) and the new Williams in Africa Program. Specifically, we’ll probably split our funds raised approximately 80-20 between the Mothers Programmes, and a WiA internship; we hope to sponsor one 8-10 week summer intern who will work in the area of the Mothers Programmes funded by the rest of our donation. We’re still working out some details of this internship and exactly where our funding will go, but right now it’s looking likely that our money will go to fund the Kimberley, South Africa Mothers 2 Mothers site–one of the oldest sites, now in desperate need of funding.

I’m really excited about this project–we have students, faculty, and alumni participating on number of different levels (swimming, helping with organizing, helping with fundraising, etc). I think there really is a lot of potential here to raise a significant of money for both a fantastic charity as well as a once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity for a student. People at Williams seem genuinely really excited about this–I actually got a nice email from Morty a couple of weeks ago…I’m not sure where he’d heard about it, but it was fun getting an email out of the blue like that.

So if you have any advice for further ways to integrate all of these things, or regarding the general concept, we’re still open to suggestions. Our swim will take place at some point between June 18-24, and we have a rough website up and a training schedule set–so things are heading in good directions here.

Any help you could offer us would be wonderful. Our project is ambitious, as are our goals, so every cent donated is crucial. Even if you’re unable or unwilling to donate any money towards sponsoring our swim, this seems like an ideal subject for an ephblog thread (or even a number of ephblog threads).

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Great stuff. I hope that Noah or some other participant will keep an Eph Diary about these efforts.

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