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Ambassador Schwab ’76

Sean Denniston ’87 sends in news about Susan Schwab ’76.

The President intends to nominate Susan C. Schwab, of Maryland, to be United States Trade Representative, with the Rank of Ambassador. Ambassador Schwab currently serves as Deputy United States Trade Representative. Prior to this, she was the President and CEO of the University of Maryland Foundation, Inc. and USM Vice Chancellor for Advancement.

Longtime reader will recall that Schwab was nominated to be the deputy Treasury Secretary (the number 2 job in the department) 3 years ago. (Note also EphBlog’s correct prediction of Schelling’s Nobel Prize.) Unfortunately, Schwab’s nomination was derailed because of tax issues. That problem seems fixed.

Q Speaking of withdrawals, in December of ’03, Susan Schwab’s nomination to be Deputy Treasury Secretary was withdrawn amid concerns about her tax filings. Has that issue been revisited in advance of today’s announcement?

MR. McCLELLAN: It’s an issue that was resolved. In fact, she was later confirmed by the Senate to the post of Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

Lesson to would-be presidential appointees: Do your taxes correctly!

The College seems to have trouble finding highly accomplished women to award Bicentennial Medals to. Schwab would be a natural choice. Next year’s Poli-Ec seniors should also seek her out for their Washington projects.