In formatting reminiscent of Diana Davis’s ’07 orginal Anti-Blog, Assistant Visiting Professor of Statistics David Craft blogs on all sorts of topics. [Side note: I suspect that Craft’s title is actually Visiting Assistant Professor and not Assistant Visiting Professor . . . just so we have that straight.]

We are now doing the things in STATS 101 that I have been looking forward to teaching…confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, etc, but I am not sure how well classes are going. Today I felt like I was staring into a sea of disgruntled soldiers, but I wasn’t sure what anyone was disgruntled about. I think I need more treats to get us all through 65 minutes of stats.

Lots of email action after the stats 101 grades came out. Wouldn’t want to go through that again.

Been there, done that.

Best part is that Craft has a link to R on his homepage. I have been trying to convince professors at Williams, in economics and statistics, that R should be used for every stats class (STAT 101, STAT 201, ECON 253, and so on). Alas, my efforts have been a miserable failure so far.

No worries though. In 5 years or less, nothing but R will be taught at Williams. You read it here first. (Previous R work at EphBlog here and here.)

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