One of the fun features of Sam Crane’s blog are his thoughts on the Modern Love column from the New York Times. I can hardly wait for his write-up on this one.

I’m a stripper by profession, a Williams College graduate of an especially liberal bent, and he’s a tattooed mortgage broker for the alternative crowd. At heart though, he and I are rock ‘n’ rollers: we each front our own band and have toured extensively. I know we are perfect candidates for the show. After all, couples therapy could use some rock ‘n’ roll, and we could use some couples therapy.

An Eph stripper? Could this be Viva Las Vegas, an EphBlog mystery of many months standing? Yes! [Album links below contain nudity.]

Not only am I a stripper, but I’m a relatively well-known stripper, who makes all of her bread and butter off the bump and grind and writing about the bump and grind. Under the name Viva Las Vegas, I’ve written about the sex industry for Exotic Magazine and The Village Voice. My band has an album called “The ‘I Need Sex’ Sessions.” Our second, “Coco Cobra and the Killers: Want You!” features a picture of me wearing a hat and boots — and only a hat and boots — on the cover. Sex is my stock in trade. Was I ready to admit on television (cable, but so what) that I rarely want to have sex?

Read the whole thing. (Hat tip to Jeff Zeeman for his earlier mention.)

Question: If Liv Osthus’s ’96 book does well, will Williams award her a Bicentennial Medal? Should it?

Google does not know much about Osthus, but the Women’s and Gender Studies Department will appreciate (?) her participation in this debate almost a decade ago.

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