Here are some pictures of the caterpillar infestation that has recently appeared on the Williams campus. Caterpillars are small, but they are all over campus. At first glance, these pictures may seem not to have many caterpillars in them, but this is not the case. The best way to appreciate the scope of the infestation is to click on the small picture that is here, so as to bring up a very large version (may take some time to load). Then you can carefully look at it and see the caterpillars hanging from the trees and covering the surfaces. It’s truly disgusting.

Exhibit A: Hopkins Hall. The caterpillars are all over the railings and the steps, as well as hanging from the archway.

Exhibit B: In front of Morty’s house. This tree is tall, with its lowest branches (pictured here) at least 15 feet above the ground, but the caterpillars are hanging down to face level.

Exhibit C: If you are walking from Morty’s house towards the Greylock Quad, you don’t walk on the sidewalk. And if you’re riding your bike and don’t notice this in time, you’ll be very sorry.

Exhibit D: The back entrance of Bronfman. Absolutely horrendous. I have heard multiple accounts of people rushing out of this door in a hurry, only to stop in horror at the caterpillars dripping from every twig. (The doorway itself is not pictured here.)

There are more graphic images if you click on the following link:

The grossest lamppost ever (outside the back entrance of Bronfman, across from Spencer House):

Hopkins Hall handrail:

Hopkins Hall stairs:

Hopkins Hall decorative thing to the left of the doorway:

A different view of the same tree by Morty’s house:

The tree by Morty’s house and the Paresky Center construction site:

The Faculty House:

The back entrance of Bronfman:

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