This professor has been rumored to read EphBlog (rumored? it’s more like a certainty since David has memorized the IP address of every office on campus), and he has certainly been mentioned often (at least seven times) here. Many current students recognize him, but I wonder if alums, who certainly know who he is, would recognize him by face.

Is it Professor Dudley? Sorry, no, this professor hasn’t been mentioned quite that often. Professor Cruz? No, actually this guy didn’t go to Williams. Hint: This professor is walking to lunch. So if you know where he is walking, and which direction lunch is, you can tell where he is coming from. (I’m giving hints because I am sorry that there is a shadow over his face.)


Oh, and here’s an even better hint: In February I asked this professor if it was okay for me to put pictures of him on EphBlog. “What sort of pictures?” he asked. “Do they involve clothes?”

There is a second picture in the extended entry. Unfortunately a truck went by just as I was taking it, which is why it’s not on the front page.


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