Trivia is tonight. You really ought to play at least once in your Williams career. Announcement is below the fold, but the best line is:

Trivia. Pull an all-nighter without getting anything done.

Kudos to all the Ephs who keep this tradition going.

Awesome Sauce, last year’s winner and heir to the once-in-a-semester event
that is known only as “Trivia”, is pleased to announce that the

80th Semi-Annual
(provided we counted right)
Williams Trivia Contest
broadcast on WCFM Williamstown

will begin this Friday night, at 11:45 PM.

The contest ends at 8:00 AM, although you can play for whatever length of time
your stamina allows. Questions range from the cultural to the bizarre to the
academic to the utterly random. The rules are read over the air before the
game begins, so you don’t need to know everything ahead of time (although
omniscient beings are encouraged to play, too). To play, you will need:

* A radio tuned to 91.9 FM (WCFM), to hear questions and listen to music.
* A phone, to answer questions, and get hints.
* Optionally, some caffeine and sugar, depending on how late you intend to go.
* Ideally, some friends, because there are enough questions for everybody.
* A silly team name for the DJs to mispronounce at 5 AM.

If you’re looking for a team, you can get on the list
and ask around, but note that there is no shame in playing alone, either.

Trivia. Pull an all-nighter without getting anything done.

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