The Williams Progressive looks like a fine addition to the set of campus publications.

The Williams Progressive is a brand new publication written and designed by
students at Williams College. Our purpose is both to educate by discussing
important political issues from a progressive perspective and to serve as
an outlet for progressive students who want to voice their opinions to the
Williams community. Various student groups devote themselves to progressive
causes, and The Williams Progressive aims to provide a forum that brings these
ideas together.

Good stuff. Here is the latest issue. (Thanks to Matt Piven ’07.) With luck, future issues of the Progressive will be available on-line.

Of course, the experienced reader of Eph publications will predict that the Progressive will follow the path laid down, in recent years, by Rumor and Scattershot. Motivated students tend to start up interesting publications but then, when they graduate, the publications perish. I hope that this doesn’t happen to the Progressive, but I predict that it will.

What would it take to create a long-lasting Eph student publication that combined the best elements of Rumor, Scattershot, the Progressive and (dare I mention it), the Free Press? I don’t know. Suggestions are welcome.

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