I was hoping that there is an alumn out there who understands the rules of what is and what is not tax deductible. Right now it’s possible to make US tax deductible donations to sponsor our swim through the Mothers Programmes (by donating to the Mothers Programmes, specifying that the donation was inspired by our swim. Go to www.channelforcharity.org for more info).

However, we’re not sure if it’s possible to make UK tax deductible donations to our cause. We (channel for charity) are based in the UK, but our charities (the Mothers Programmes and the Williams in Africa Program) are based in the US. Can people make donations to us and deduct them from their UK taxes? If they can’t, is there something that we can do to make it possible for people to do this?

Our fundraising is going well so far. We’re still looking for more ways to connect to Williams alumns, so if any of you have any ideas, we’d appreciate help in this area.

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