Williams Trustee Toby Cosgrove ’62 got a mention in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal two weeks ago.

One of the country’s most prestigious and entrepreneurial medical institutions, the Cleveland Clinic has come under sharp criticism for the web of relationships that have entangled many of its doctors and trustees. One of its most prominent physicians, Dr. Eric J. Topol, was criticized after his role at an investment firm became public.

And the clinic’s chief executive, Dr. Delos Cosgrove, was involved with several medical companies and was active in the clinic’s own venture capital activities. Dr. Cosgrove, a heart surgeon and inventor, has defended the clinic’s emphasis on working with for-profit companies to develop new treatments.

Dr. Topol, who has renounced his ties to industry, including the investment firm, has since left the clinic. Dr. Cosgrove has also severed his ties to outside companies as well as the clinic’s venture activities, which will now be directly overseen by the trustees responsible for the clinic’s investments, said a clinic spokeswoman, Eileen Sheil.

Good for Cosgrove. Did EphBlog’s previous criticism of Cosgrove’s attitude (here and here) play a part? Probably not. But it is still fun to see that we are #3 on a Google search for Toby Cosgrove.

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