Chris Kenney ’06 ’07 played some fine baseball this spring.

By baseball standards, a good hitter is considered to be any player with a .300 batting average or above. Ted Williams is remembered for having the best hitting season in Major League history, batting .406 in 1941. No other major leaguer has reached the .400 mark since — 65 straight years of finishing second-best to the Splendid Splinter.

For these reasons and more, the season put forth by Williams College catcher Chris Kenney this year should amaze the most novice baseball fans. Through 38 games, the Ephs junior is hitting an astounding .507. He leads Williams, a squad which is tops in the NESCAC with .363 average, with 74 hits, 22 doubles, 53 RBI and 113 total bases.

Kenney won NESCAC player of the year. Perhaps the Eph baseball mafia will be able to get him a spot on a minor league team as it did for Jabe Bergeron ’04.

UPDATE: Dick Quinn points out that Kenney is actually a junior and plays center on the football team.

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