I was wondering if anybody has any ideas about other ways that we might be able to connect with alumns and get alumni involved in our swim. With all of the levels of involvement between students, alumns, faculty, all working to help provide future educational opportunities for ephs and to support an alumn-founded charity, this swim seems like the exact sort of thing that alumni would be interested in being involved in (and in supporting through their donations). Now obviously few of you will actually be able to swim with us, but I think that this can be a project that extends beyond simply the swim–and I was wondering if any of you might be interested in helping me with this.

I think that Channel for Charity can be one in a series of events in which alumns and students work together to raise money for the Mothers Programmes and Williams in Africa. Regarding future events…well, I think that’s something to think about after we’ve made our way through this one. For this one, I can see other alumns being involved helping with publicity or fundraising. I could also see alumns helping to sell Mothers Creations (read about them at www.mothersprogrammes.org), organizing small charity dinners for this swim, corresponding with the swimmers and with the Mothers in Africa…there are so many different ways alumns can be more involved in this.

One of the things we’re hoping to accomplish with this channel swim is to get more people more involved in these sorts of things. Do you have any ideas how to better get people more involved? Also, if you have any ideas about how best to get alumns to donate, we’d appreciate help there too ;)

Some alumni are already involved, and many of our donations have come from Williams alumni in Europe (which we have been able to connect to with the help of Rob Swann, Elizabeth Goldring, and Karen Bowen). Given the positive reception we’re getting from these alumns, I think that it would be wonderful to spread word of what we’re doing among other alumni communities.

Anyways, as always you can read more about our swim or donate online at www.channelforcharity.org.

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